17 Day Strike Ends At Eva Air

EVA Airways, a Taiwanese Airline ended a strike after 17 days. Over 2000 EVA Air employees went on a strike demanding a pay raise and better working conditions for EVA Airways employees.

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Nine days after the strike begun, EVA Airways employees voted to end the strike as negotiations continue but when the two sides failed to reach a common consensus, the union members decided to extend the strike.

Eva Air recently took delivery of its first Boeing 787 dreamliner. Photo: AeroNewsX/Paul Schmid

A total of 681 flights between 20 June 2019 and 7 July 2019 were cancelled, affecting over 300,000 passengers. EVA Air has cancelled over 2000 flights up to 19 July 2019. EVA Air says it may take till the end of the month for flight services to resume back to normal.

Liao Yi-Ching, a union representative said: "I want to tell EVA that you have messed with the wrong people." Lee Ying, a striking union member also spoke up saying "We really want to participate in corporate governance, which critically affects our working conditions."

The Minister of Labour, Hsu Ming-Chun said that the regulations would be revised in order to create a better working environment for the crew.

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