AeroMexico flies 6 aircraft to China for medical supplies

Mexico's flag carrier has acted upon alleviating the effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic by flying six Boeing 787 aircraft across the Pacific Ocean directly to China. This is in a bid to take to Mexico medical supplies that the Federal Government obtained from China. The flights have taken place at various points since the first week of April, with the fifth cargo flight having departed Shanghai Pudong International Airport on the 23rd of April.

An AeroMexico 787-9. Photo by Anselm Ranta | AeroNewsX

According to the Mexican Consulate in Shanghai, each aircraft remains on the ground for only 3 hours while ground personnel work to load the medical supplies in the cargo hold and passenger cabin. The flight crew however does not disembark the plane or come into contact with ground personnel at any point.

Some of the aircraft that flew to China first landed at Narita and then proceeded to Shanghai. Out of the six aircraft, four are registered in Mexico (registration XA “X-Ray, Alpha”) and two of them are registered in the United States (registration N “November”). XA-ADD, XA-ADC, N183AM, XA-MFG, XA-ADG are all Boeing 787-9 and N782AM is a -8 version of the airplane.

Since the very beginning of the outbreak, the government has specifically relied on AeroMexico to transport necessary medical and humanitarian supplies, given its transoceanic flight capability as well as given the fact that it is the only airline within the country with the capacity to fulfill the desired mission. While AeroMexico flies to China, airlines such as Interjet, Volaris and VivaAerobus are flying supplies to states within Mexico.

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