Air New Zealand announces plans to fire all 777 cabin crew

Photo by Andrew Pries | AeroNewsX

As a part of Air New Zealand's downsizing plan, it has decided to fire all 777 staff for the time being. The Coronavirus pandemic has greatly diminished demands for airlines, which have drastically reduced profit predictions for the year. The airline expects that the 777, its largest aircraft, will remain grounded for over a year, so having to pay staff would only exacerbate the airline's troubles. Staff who work with the 787 Dreamliner will also be at risk of termination. Both of these aircraft mainly fly internationally, and international demand will likely take longer to recover due to many nations still not being at the peak of the pandemic. Many domestic crew members will also be laid off at this time, but the domestic market will probably bounce back quicker than the international market, they will be working sooner than those on the 777 or 787.

Photo by Benjamin Liew | AeroNewsX

The airline hopes to reduce its crew employed on longer routes from 1533 to 833 people employed. Also, some positions, including service managers and premium flight attendants, will be completely removed in these changes. This is just one of the many steps that airlines around the world have had to take due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to a greatly reduced demand, many airlines are recording great losses during this time, so layoffs and other changes to the airline's stricture are expected.

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