Air New Zealand grounds 777s till end of 2020

Air New Zealand has announced that it will ground its entire 777 fleet until at least the end of 2020. This follows similar moves from airlines across the globe that have grounded entire aircraft types as they battle against a severe drop in demand as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

An Air New Zealand Boeing 777 pictured at Auckland. Photo by Ernest Leung | AeroNewsX

The latest announcement from Air New Zealand just shows how the pandemic is expected to have long-lasting effects on the aviation industry as a whole.

Air New Zealand isn’t the first airline to announce a prolonged temporary retirement of an aircraft type. For example, Lufthansa in mid-April announced that it would withdraw the Airbus A340-600 from commercial service for at least 1 year.

The airline has 15 Boeing 777s comprising both -200 and -300 variants. It introduced the 777 into the fleet in 2004.

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