Alitalia Loses Hope as Investors Ditch the Carrier

Photo by Karam Sodhi | AeroNewsX

After the Italian government stopped providing the Italian flag carrier with financial support, Alitalia's future laid uncertain. The Italian railway group and German aviation giant Lufthansa had seemed interested in a potential investment that could drastically change the course of the failing airline, but this does not appear to be the case anymore.

Lufthansa and Ferrovie Dello Stato decided to end their investment due to recent issues with the carrier, which started over a year ago. After countless other companies lost interest in the Italian carrier, Alitalia has found itself with virtually no investors, with only the Italian highway group “Atlantia” remaining as the last potential interested company.

Also, last week’s aviation strike in Italy only worsened the already dire situation. The Italian newspaper “Termometro Politico” revealed that the Italian government might extend the deadline for Alitalia to pay back a loan of around 400 million euros. In addition, it is expected the airline will begin to make personnel cuts and store up to eight aircraft to minimize losses. The Alitalia situation has been evolving for countless weeks now, and it has never failed to surprise. It is a challenge to say whether this is the end for the Italian aviation giant as Alitalia has been struggling for over a decade.

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