All the details: the new Alitalia

Alitalia Commissioner Giuseppe Leogrande has just informed the Transport Committee of the Italian Chamber of Deputies about the situation of the airline at this time.

The commissioner said that 6607 layoffs for Alitalia - Società Aerea Italiana S.p.A. will be requested as well as 221 layoffs for Alitalia CityLiner. The new company that will be formed soon, presumably in June, will be composed of two Newco that will take control the aviation and maintenance branches from the current administration. The handling part will be managed by service contracts.

An Alitalia A320 landing at London Heathrow Airport. Photo by Anselm Ranta | AeroNewsX

The new fleet and contractual changes

The fleet will consist of 92 aircraft. This comprises 20 long-haul aircraft (Boeing B777 and Airbus A330), 60 medium-haul aircraft (Airbus A319/A320), and 12 short-haul aircraft (5 Embraer E190 and 7 Embraer E175). The Airbus A321s and other aircraft that need heavy and expensive maintenance and will therefore be dismissed. In the words of Commissioner Leogrande, "several aircraft are coming out because not all the lessors agreed on the new contractual changes".

An Alitalia A330 landing at London Heathrow Airport. Photo by Anselm Ranta | AeroNewsX

New negotiations have taken place with many lessors, which, given the COVID-19 situation, have led to a "by hour" agreement. Alitalia will therefore no longer pay a monthly fee but will pay based on flight hours performed until March 2021.

Finally, an agreement has also been made for the next three years (at a lower cost than before) regarding the aircraft maintenance sector at Alitalia.

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