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Avion Express re-enters airfreight market

In response to the suspension of passenger flights globally due to the coronavirus pandemic, ACMI operator Avion Express is re-entering the market as a cargo transportation airline. Avion Express has operations out of Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific, South America and has a subsidiary in Malta.

An Avion Express A320 that was leased to SunExpress. Photo by Max Sutter | AeroNewsX

Following 15 years as a passenger airline, the company has said that it will now utilize their 22 Airbus A320 family aircraft, using the cargo compartments and passenger cabins to transport goods across the globe. The airline has said that it is capable of transporting up to 17 tonnes and 24 tonnes of cargo using their A320 and A321 aircraft respectively.

"While the very last repatriation flights are still taking place, people and organizations around the world are in great need of supplies, food, medical equipment. As Avion Express has always been characterized by its flexibility, we are now adapting our operations in accordance with market requirements. Although we are currently mostly focusing on the transportation of humanitarian aid and medical equipment in the fight against COVID-19, other cargo requests are also very welcomed and thoroughly considered”, said Darius Kajokas, CEO Avion Express.

This move comes as a result of the lack of demand for passenger travel combined with the very real need for cargo transportation to carry medical supplies, equipment of various kinds, industrial parts and high-demand consumer goods. It follows in the footsteps of many other airlines re-purposing their aircraft in this challenging time for the industry.

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