Bamboo Airways reveals interest in 777X

Following a meeting last week with representatives from the manufacturer, Bamboo Airways is interested in ordering the Boeing 777X. This comes as the carrier updates, yet again, it’s plans and timeline for services to the US from Vietnam.

Bamboo Airways Boeing 787. Photo by Devin Ruhotina | AeroNewsX

Bamboo Airways is currently taking delivery of the Boeing 787s that are already on order. While the 787 does indeed have the range to service the future flights to the US, it’s not what Bamboo Airways are looking for.

Vice President and General Director at Bamboo Airways, Dang Tat Thang, said that the Boeing 777X “meets all criteria“ set for long haul routes, notably those for flights to the US.

Bamboo Airways Airbus A321neo. Photo by Duy Khang Tran | AeroNewsX

Bamboo Airways now plans to launch flights to the US in early 2021, a tight timeline given the delays the 777X program has encountered. After having had its first flight just last month, Boeing says it hopes to deliveries to commence in early 2021.

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