Boeing CEO Muilenburg Out After Tumultuous Year

14 months since the Lion Air Flight 610 crash in October 2018 and 9 months since the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crash in March 2019, Boeing’s CEO is leaving the company. Boeing’s Board of Directors stated that Dennis Muilenburg resigned in order to give the company new leadership in the face of the 737 MAX crisis. Currently, this revolves around securing regulatory approval from civil aviation regulators around the world, most importantly the FAA in America, which would then set a precedent for the EASA in the European Union and the CAAC in China.

Boeing 737 MAX. Photo by Preston Fiedler | AeroNewsX.

The initial plan was to have the MAX recertified and returned to service by the end of the calendar year of 2019, a push that was to be led by Muilenburg with the board's approval. However, delays in recertification by the FAA until 2020 as well as recent announcement of the temporary halt of production of the MAX ultimately led to the end of his tenure as CEO. In light of this, the Board thought that someone new was needed to lead the company in the right direction in what would be a much needed boost of confidence for the company.

It is worth noting that this comes only a few months after the ouster of the CEO of Boeing’s Commercial Airplanes division, Kevin McAllister, as well as the stripping of Muilenburg's status as the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Additionally, Boeing stated in a statement on December 23rd 2019 that the company’s current Chair of the Board David Calhoun would take over as the interim CEO of the company until his formal takeover in January 2020.

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