Boeing secures new customer for 777-9 and more 787s

Earlier last week, we reported that Volga-Dnepr had filed a lawsuit against Boeing in regards to an agreement it made with the manufacturer for 1 Boeing 747-8F and 3 777Fs.

AirBridgeCargo Boeing 747-8F. Photo by Anselm Ranta | AeroNewsX.

Now, however, Boeing has retaliated. In court, it alleges that Volga-Dnepr had in fact told Boeing to resell the aircraft - which is where Volga-Dnepr’s frustration originated.

The Russian airline had, early this year, said that it didn’t have enough money to pay for the jets. A couple of months later, the carrier said it was in a financial position to take delivery of these planes and withdrew its previous message to Boeing.

Boeing says it had already secured customers for all the jets originally due for Volga-Dnepr. The Boeing 747-8F is likely due for UPS which is the only remaining customer for the type.

Indeed, new orders for Boeing over the past couple of years haven’t been flooding in. It therefore comes as a surprise as Boeing has already secured a customer to absorb 2 of 3 777F orders, sign an agreement for the 777-9 and also order more Boeing 787 aircraft before the end of June.

“In recognition of Customer’s partnership with Boeing as a 777 and 787 customer in [REDACTED], Boeing will issue to Customer a multi-model aircraft credit memorandum in the amount of [REDACTED], contingent on Customer executing definitive agreements to purchase (i) Model 777-9 aircraft and (ii) additional Model 787 aircraft no later than June 30, 2020.”

This signifies that the customer taking over the majority of the 777F orders is also an existing Boeing 787 customer. Therefore, speculation suggests EVA Air or All Nippon Airways are behind these orders.

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