British Airways A380 Business Class Trip Report

British Airways BA0212 from Boston Logan to London Heathrow on 18 May, 2019, was the first leg on my trip home to Stockholm. I was in seat 56K which is on the upper deck of an Airbus A380. If you are familiar with BA’s naming of A380’s they all have 3 letters above their cockpit, this flight was with LEE.

Photo: AeroNewsX/Jamie Woodhouse-Wright

Something you cannot fault BA for is their impeccable service onboard. The crew is always lovely and truly make the trip enjoyable. Seat 56K is a business class seat, or as BA calls it, Club World. Something that separates the upper deck of the A380 from any other Club World seat on the lower deck or on any other aircraft model is that here, each window seat gets 3 deep bins along the side of the seat. This give more storage space and when the bins are closed, it essentially gives you a long side table. If you are familiar with BA club world, it is an extremely outdated product. In the regular club world seats you have a few alternatives when you wanted to sleep, either store away all of your items such as phone and the amenity kit, etc. You could also put them next to your face when you want to sleep or have the table down which, when you turn it the bed will either topple it or if you somehow happen to bend it the wrong way, break the table of its hinges. This makes a window seat on the upper deck of the A380 the best seat in BA club world.

Let’s get into more detail about my flight specifically.

In Boston, BA has recently finished the renovation of their lounge. The new lounge has a great view of the gates and platform parking which is used by all the international airlines that fly to Boston. The first thing I did when checking in to the lounge was request the shower. If you have never showered in an airport lounge, this is something you have to try at least once in your life. After my shower I sat down in the bar section and enjoyed a lovely view, below me to the right was the A380 which I was going to board later and straight ahead I had the Boston skyline, and the weather was beautiful during the sunset. In Boston you can board the plane straight from the lounge. There is food in the lounge but I was not hungry so I did not have any.

The boarding process was quick and we were quickly on our way. It took a long time to start the dinner service. There was severe turbulence over New England and Nova Scotia so we had to wait until we reached the Atlantic to get dinner, at which time I would have hoped to have slept already. One thing I can say though, is that the food was delicious. My main course was a seared sirloin steak and it melted in my mouth. The desert was a raspberry cheesecake which was also delicious. Whilst BA may not have the best seat product in the world, the food, drinks and service certainly make up for it. I managed to sleep for two hours before the flight attendant woke me up for breakfast as per my request, about 90 minutes before landing. I had a 6 hour layover in London and as such the solid breakfast before landing at 6 am helped make the airport a bit easier to handle with not a lot of sleep and a lot of jet-lag.

All in all BA is a very good airline in my experience. Most aviation lovers probably know about the new cabin being launched with the delivery of the brand new A350-1000 at the end of this summer, and with the service and food they present now, I am almost willing to bet that the new upper class seat will be one of the best in the world.


Food: 4/5

Drinks: 4/5

Service: 5/5

Seat: 3/5

IFE: Did not Utilize

Total: 4/5

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