British Airways and pilot union finalizing an agreement to save jobs

The British Airline Pilots’ Association (BALPA) has communicated on a letter to its members that it has reached an outline deal with British Airways, which will presumably save several pilot positions in the airline. The carrier had previously reported that it would be cutting a total of 1130 pilot jobs out of the 4346 the airline currently has.

BALPA is expected to ballot all of its members this week on the new agreement, and it is recommending them to accept it. The airline industry is undergoing the biggest crisis in its history up to date, and the fact that the British government has placed a 15-day quarantine to travelers from most countries has forced British-based airlines having to take drastic measures such as this one.

Despite details on the agreement have not been released yet, it is expected to also include additional measures such as a reduced pay cut, a likely direct consequence to the saved jobs.

A British Airways A321neeo landing at London Heathrow Airport. Photo by Cole McAndrew | AeroNewsX

This piece of news is, however, a significant improvement to the one made by British Airways last month, which included a threat to the British Government that all 4346 pilots would be dismissed and rehired on individual contracts. This threat was made in response to the government’s decision to place quarantine restrictions on all travelers coming from abroad. This measure has since been erased, and the UK now allows travelers from several countries, including Australia, Japan, and Spain, to enter the country without being placed in quarantine.

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