CargoLogicAir operating license restored

UK-based CargoLogicAir has resumed its freighter operations after having suspended flights on 27 February, for a total of three months.

CargoLogicAir Boeing 747-400F. Photo by CargoLogicAir.

The suspension came after CargoLogicAir asked the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority to suspend the carrier’s Air Operators Certificate and operating license.

This came after tighter regulations in China saw demand for cargo transport fall drastically - a market which is now quickly recovering.

”CargoLogicAir, has had its operating licence and air operator’s certificate suspension lifted in order for them to provide cargo flights using two Boeing 747 aircraft on contracts to provide medical supplies,” explained the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority in a statement.

The carrier operates a fleet of two Boeing 747Fs, both of which are -400F variants.

CargoLogicAir resumed services on 23 April with G-CLAA having operated a 6 hour service from Leipzig to Krasnoyarsk. The aircraft arrived safely yesterday evening.

CargoLogicAir, in November 2019, announced that it would be reducing its fleet by 50%. These plans came into effect in February 2020, when two of its four Boeing 747s were removed from service. This included a Boeing 747-8F, registered G-CLAB, and a Boeing 747-400F registered G-CLAE. The former was operated by sister airline, AirBridgeCargo.

While 2020 is set to be one of, if not the toughest year for passenger airlines, the cargo industry is doing rather well in comparison to the former. Indeed, while at the start of the year things didn’t necessarily work out well for cargo carriers (similarly to passenger carriers), things slowly began to improve. With a significant decline in capacity due to the lack of belly cargo from passenger planes, the cargo market is becoming increasingly popular.

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