Delta & Virgin Atlantic Threatening JetBlue?

Just days before American low cost carrier JetBlue was expected to announce its new London services, Delta Air Lines and Virgin Atlantic have revealed that ‘from summer 2020’, both carriers will offer a huge amount of daily services from London Gatwick to Boston & New York’s JFK Airport.

Photo credit: AeroNewsX/Chris de Breun

The already heavily concentrated transatlantic market, headed by a number of airlines including British Airways, is set to get even busier and, at least in the case of JetBlue, significantly cheaper.

JetBlue chief executive Robin Hayes said that the current Business Class fares were ‘obscene’ and added that his airline pledges to do much better.

However, Virgin Atlantic and Delta are likely trying to threaten JetBlue in a way after they announced that they targeted 18 daily flights combined from London Gatwick to New York and Boston.

Photo credit: AeroNewsX/Dario Duppenthaler

According to AeroNewsX research, Virgin Atlantic and Delta Air Lines both scored a load factor of 94% during the month of July last year from London’s Heathrow Airport to New York JFK, while American Airlines and British Airways had an average of 92%. From London Gatwick to JFK, Norwegian scored a 95% load factor and British Airways 92%. The Gatwick to New York JFK market currently has over 80 departures per month.

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