Does Lufthansa Deserve A Five Star Rating?

Back in 2017, Lufthansa was named a five-star airline by the renowned international air transport rating organisation Skytrax, which brings Lufthansa among the secluded club of now 10 airlines worldwide with a five-star rating. But why did Skytrax decide to honour the German carrier with the highest possible rating?

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An essential factor in receiving the rating is consistency throughout the fleet. In recent years Lufthansa has made significant investments in order to upgrade their fleet, the cabins, lounges and service both on board and on the ground. Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal and lounges both in Frankfurt and Munich have been praised by numerous experts, mostly due to the personal care each passenger receives, including a limousine ride to your plane, exquisite cuisine and relaxing ambiance.

"The testers at Skytrax travel with the perspective of a passenger. For their ratings, they evaluate the service quality of the respective airline with comprehensive assessments on the ground and in the air in up to 800 categories. These include the service on board, seat comfort, catering, security measures, in-flight entertainment, duty-free offers and many other services. For Skytrax, the consistency and constancy with which Lufthansa has forged ahead with the modernisation of its product was a key consideration in the decision to award the fifth star," the rating agency explained.

Thanks to affordable Wi-Fi and a wide selection of IFE, including over 180 movies, 60 audio books, and several games, there is something for everyone's taste on all long-haul flights. In addition, the Lufthansa Group is investing 500 million euros in the development and improvement of its digital offering.

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As stated by Skytrax, another key factor in Lufthansa's rating was the announcement of a new Business Class cabin and seating that will be first fitted on the new Boeing 777X, which they expect to receive in 2020. This means that Lufthansa received the fifth and final star partly for a product they will be putting out in more than two years from now. Understandably, people question therefore, to which extent Lufthansa deserves the high rating. However, this is just one of more than 800 factors that Skytrax evaluated and therefore the decision is not based solely on the new Business Class product.

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With the introduction of new generation aircraft such as the A350 and A320Neo-family, Lufthansa is opting for greater efficiency and comfort. It’s safe to say that the German carrier is putting a lot of thought and money into innovation and is aiming to become one of the world’s leading premium airlines again.

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