Certain Dog Breeds to be Temporarily Banned From Qantas Flights

Photo by Karam Sodhi | AeroNewsX

Following the deaths of two dogs in December, Qantas will set a temporary ban on the transportation of boxers, pugs and bulldogs.

The airline confirmed that it would no longer transport snub-nosed dog breeds in future, unless they had been declared fit to fly by a veterinarian prior to travel, The Sydney Morning Herald reports. The changes are set to take place in approximately two weeks time.

Qantas will also be advising customers to adopt the use of registered animal transportation companies. It also said that its animal safety protocols are now under review.

"These types of dogs are hugely popular, but unfortunately they are high-risk flyers due to their respiratory system and breathing problems," said Qantas Freight’s chief customer officer Nick McGlynn in a statement.

Qantas’ decision proceeds a strong complaint from a passenger, Kay Newman, who claimed that the carrier had been “negligent” in the handling of her boxer, which died on a flight from Brisbane to Sydney on December 19th.

“We have expressed our sympathies to Kay about the passing of her dog, Duke. There was an unexpected delay with the flight which meant he was on the tarmac for longer than usual…” the airline said in their statement following the incident.

Qantas currently only permits the transportation of the three high-risk dog breeds for flights of up to five hours. Owners are required to sign a waiver for flights that go for longer.

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