Drunk British Airways Crew Suspended After Running Naked In A Singapore Hotel

Three British Airways crew members have been sent home and suspended after they were found performing disturbing behavior in a hotel in Singapore.

A British Airways Boeing 787. Photo: AeroNewsX/Célian Génier

The three British Airways crew were in Singapore for a layover after their 14 hour flight from London. They smuggled alcohol from the aircraft to party during their layover in Singapore.

According to a British news site, "There were some frisky crew members on this plane. There was snogging and stripping and fumbling between the crew members, who were all naked. It didn't take long for 'spin the bottle' to start - it is a drinking game with ludicrous and increasingly daring forfeits designed to get everyone streaming drunk."

When the three crew were intoxicated, they accepted a dare to run up and down the hotel corridor, knocking on the doors of the other hotel rooms while being naked.

British Airways said in an email responding to The New Paper that, "We expect the highest standards of behavior from our teams around the world at all times and we are investigating what happened. We do not tolerate unruly behavior by colleagues and will always fully investigate claims and take whatever action is required."

British Airways operates a very large fleet of Boeing 777 aircraft, including the one pictured. Photo: AeroNewsX/Dario Duppenthaler

The three crew have been sent home and suspended from their duties as investigations are still ongoing.

In 2018, a British Airways cabin crew was accused of outrage of modesty in a Singapore Hotel. One of the crew members raped another female colleague at Hotel Jen Tanglin in Singapore. The perpetrator was apprehended in Singapore.

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