EASA's list of airports with high risk of transmission of COVID-19

The spread of COVID-19 is leading to considerable restrictions at airports. We can see from the graph below (taken from the ICAO website), that the number of daily departures has dropped from about 28 thousand to less than 2 thousand per day.

To manage this crisis, there are measures that airport management must observe and apply over the next couple of months. All arriving and departing passengers will be checked for the necessary health certifications in addition to the possession of a ticket. However, it is certain that some airports, located in the areas most affected by the pandemic, are more prone to a higher risk of infection among passengers.

For this reason, yesterday the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) published on its website an Annex, developed in coordination with the EASA Member States and based on the information from WHO, ECDC, and other reputable public health institutes. The Annex shows a list of the airports located in areas with a high risk of transmission of the COVID-19 infection. The annex is divided into 2 sections: the first concerns the member countries of the European Union, the second concerns countries outside Europe, such as the United States, Canada, Russia, India, just to name a few. Below is the complete list.

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