Exclusive: Air Italy to ferry second and third 737 MAX to Budapest

Updated: Jul 10

As we reported last month, Air Italy’s Boeing 737 MAX’s are to operate one final flight each as they are ferried from Milan to Budapest for maintenance and storage.

Air Italy Boeing 737 MAX. Photo by Pascal Weste | AeroNewsX

A source tells AeroNewsX that the second Boeing 737 MAX is set to be ferried to Budapest within the next hour if all goes to plan, while the third will be moved tomorrow.

In cooperation with partner, Qatar Airways (49% shareholder), the Air Italy’s growth was significant. Alitalia, which had and continues to be hugely indebted, struggled to fight back.

However, the carrier’s finances struggled to keep up with its growth and on 11 February, 2020, Air Italy ceased operations.

The first 737 MAX, registered EI-GFY, made its way to Budapest on June 24. The aircraft operated as flight IG7031. Maintenance will be performed on all three aircraft before being stored as they await their new operator.

However, the Boeing 737 MAX has been grounded worldwide since March 2019 following two fatal incidents involving the type in Ethiopia and Indonesia.

On the other hand, Boeing and the FAA have already completed recertification flights for the type. The aircraft has yet to be recertified, however.

"The redesign of the airplane is not just limited to changing MCAS functionality," FAA Administrator, Stephen Dickson says.

He adds: “The entire flight control system – Boeing undertook this in the June-July time frame of last year – became a much more ambitious project."

UPDATE (08/06/20 at 14:37 UTC): Air Italy's third and final Boeing 737 MAX to depart to Budapest, will likely not make its way over to Hungary tomorrow due to an unforeseen issue, a source confirms to AeroNewsX.

UPDATE (10/07/20 at 10:46 UTC): Air Italy's third Boeing 737 MAX is currently cruising at 18,000 ft and is about 15 minutes away from Budapest. The aircraft is registered EI-GGL.


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