FedEx Retires Final Airbus A310

Updated: Jan 5

Cargo giant FedEx flew its final Airbus A310 to Victorville earlier today. The aircraft performed its final revenue service from Sioux Falls to Memphis before leaving to Victorville three hours later.

The Airbus A300 looks very similar to the Airbus A310. Pictured is an A300-600. Photo by Karam Sodhi │ AeroNewsX.

The final aircraft was registered N808FD and during its final days, commonly flew from Memphis to Sioux Falls and Shreveport. At the time of writing, the aircraft is still on its way to Victorville with about three hours to go. Just days earlier, on December 28 the second last Airbus A310 registered N809FD, flew from Nashville to Victorville for storage.

The company confirmed its intention to retire the Airbus A310-300(F)s back in September, along with the McDonnell Douglas MD-10-10(F)s.

During September’s quarterly earnings call, FedEx Chairman, Fred Smith said: "We will retire twenty MD-10-10 aircraft over the current and next fiscal year [ending May 2021], which will eliminate that fleet type from our air operations. We are highly likely to also retire the remaining 10 A310 aircraft this year, which will also lead to the elimination of that fleet type. In addition, we are parking the equivalent capacity of seven MD-11(F) aircraft this fiscal year.”
Photo by Karam Sodhi │ AeroNewsX.

Along with the Airbus A310-300 retirement today, FedEx has also said goodbye to another MD-10-10(F) registered N560FE. The aircraft was ferried to Victorville on December 31 from the cargo giant’s Memphis base.

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