Fire at Liège Airport

A fire has been reported at Liège Airport, in Belgium, this evening, with no flights taking off or landing for a brief moment. Shortly after midnight, flights the fire was contained and flights that were holding, took the decision to land.

The scene at Liège Airport. Photo via Christophe Debois.

The fire, which didn’t damage any aircraft, was underway near the airport terminal. Liège Airport confirms the fire took place at the B30 facility situated between the passenger terminal and petrol facilities.

In total, three aircraft diverted to nearby airports, such as an ASL Airlines Belgium flight from Berlin which decided to land at Brussels Airport. A BlueBird Nordic Boeing 737-400 which departed Vienna bound for Liège, has also diverted to Brussels Airport.

Three aircraft are holding above Liège Airport as of 00:09 local time in Belgium. This includes one FedEx 757 from Basel and two ASL Airlines Belgium aircraft comprising one 737-400 from Katowice and one 737-400 (in FedEx livery) from Gothenburg. Meanwhile, a BlueBird Nordic Boeing 737-400 bound for Liège is holding over Brussels-Charleroi Airport. All the aircraft have now landed at Liège Airport (as of 00:31).

An ASL Airlines Belgium aircraft is diverting to Brussels Airport. Photo by Jero Vida | AeroNewsX

Fire services were present at the scene. At around midnight, the fire was said to be contained, and flight operations began to resume.

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