Garuda Indonesia Sues Youtuber Rius Vernandes

An Indonesian YouTuber, Rius Vernandes, could face criminal charges after he posted a photo of a handwritten menu from the Garuda Indonesia Air Stewardess and posted it on a social networking site, Instagram.

Photo: AeroNewsX/Anwar Hasanin

After posting the photo of the handwritten menu, Rius was summoned by the Indonesian Police in relations to his post. "We've been reported for defamation. I'm sure you know I had no intention whatsoever to defame anyone," Rius said on Instagram in Indonesian. "I hope you can support me because I don't want anyone to be prosecuted for an honest review and constructive criticism."

According to Indonesia's laws, people found guilty of sharing electronic information or documents that defame others can face a fine of up to one billion rupiah or six years imprisonment.

Garuda said in a statement that the handwritten menu was made by one of the cabin crew for personal use and was not intended to be handed out to passengers.

Garuda also came under more criticism on Tuesday after a photo of a cabin crew prohibiting passengers from taking photos went viral on social media.

A Garuda spokesperson said: "Passengers can take photos for personal use such as selfies as long as they do not inconvenience other passengers."

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