Hawker 800XP goes missing in Mexico

A Hawker 800XP similar to the one involved. Photo by Chris de Breun | AeroNewsX

During these uncertain times where a virus is quickly spreading across the globe and all nations of the world are under quarantine, airlines operating not on their full capacity. Globally, flights are nearly empty and both airplanes and pilots grounded. With this change, the least we would expect is a neater record in terms of flight incidents.

Yesterday, a private flight operated by a fixed-wing multi-engine Hawker 800XP registered N988RS lost contact while flying from Puebla to Veracruz in Mexico. The aircraft is configured to seat 13 passengers, 2 pilots and is owned by DRWS Services LLC located in Bellevue, Washington, USA.

The only pertinent information known is that the crew last contacted tower at 23:26 UTC, the aircraft was flying Mexican territory under American registration and that the Federal Aviation Agency from this country emitted a phase of uncertainty (INCERFA) given the unknown exact location of the aircraft after losing contact. Authorities are currently taking action on the matter to establish the possible locations in which the airplane may have crash-landed.

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