Icelandair fires cabin crew, to replace them with pilots

Icelandair has confirmed plans to fire its entire cabin crew, after negotiations with the Icelandic Cabin Crew Association came to no conclusion.

Icelandair Boeing 757. Photo by Ervin Eslami | AeroNewsX

Effective 20 July, Icelandair’s pilots will assume the responsibilities of its cabin crew, which is limited to safety as “services will continue to be at a minimum” as a result of COVID-19.

This is an extraordinary move, not least because it comes at a time of crisis for the aviation industry.

However, this is a temporary measure, it says. The carrier intends to enter into discussions with an Icelandic “counterparty” regarding future terms for its cabin crew members.

“The Company expects to initiate discussions with a counterparty within the Icelandic labor market on future terms for the Company’s cabin crew members.”

The airline described the outcome of the negotiations with its cabin crew as an “unfortunate situation” and added that it would “discontinue” the employement relationship between the company and its cabin crew union.

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