In pictures: First 2 lufthansa 747s land in Enschede for long-term storage

The first two Lufthansa Boeing 747-400s earmarked for long-term storage arrived in the Netherlands on Saturday. The airline, which will be removing the majority of its Boeing 747-400s from service for a long period of time,

The first Boeing 747-400 to arrive at Enschede registered D-ABTL.

Lufthansa is Germany's flag carrier and one of the biggest airlines in Europe. Together with its Lufthansa Group partners, the airline is a significant competitor to the likes of Air France-KLM and International Airlines Group (which owns British Airways, Iberia and Level among others). The latest temporary fleet withdrawals follow similar moves by its competitors.

D-ABVO pictured on arrival into Enschede.

On Saturday 6 June, 2020, Lufthansa sent the first two Boeing 747-400s to Enschede for long-term storage. This included D-ABVO and D-ABTL which arrived in the respective order. Twente Airport in Eschede (Netherlands) lies near the border between the Netherlands and Germany. The airline has another 4 destined for 'deep storage'.

Lufthansa Boeing 747-400 registered D-ABVO being towed at Enschede.

Lufthansa had also separately announced, in early April, the permanent retirement of 5 Boeing 747s as a result of a severe decline in travel demand brought about by the coronavirus crisis. This leaves 2 Boeing 747-400s in service with Lufthansa once all six 747s have been sent to long-term storage. The 2 aircraft are expected to operate on long-haul flights with high demand, to take full advantage of the plane's capacity.

D-ABVO landing at Enschede.

Article by Dillon Shah. Photos provided by AeroNewsX photographer, Chris de Breun.

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