Incidents & Accidents Of The Week: 21/09 - 28/09

Photo by AeroNewsX/Chris de Breun.

Delta Airlines Faces Irregularity In Cabin Pressurization

On September 20th, 2019, the pilots of a 757 Delta flight from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale operated a rapid controlled descent, losing approximately 71 ft every second, making a landing from 30,000 ft in almost 7 minutes. The reason for this unusual scenario was “a cabin pressurization irregularity” as stated by the airline. Despite the efforts of the crew, this incident resulted in a mass panic amongst passengers and, although no one was injured, and the aircraft (757-200) was successfully diverted to Tampa and safely landed there, most of those on board found themselves in a less-than-pleasant experience. After the rough landing, the passengers were put onto another flight to their final destination.

Severe Turbulence On Aerolineas Argentinas And Air India

On the same day, an Aerolineas Argentinas Airbus A330-200, while en route over the Andes, experienced severe turbulence at 37,000 ft causing injuries to 8 passengers and 1 member of the crew. Once on the ground, the affected were assisted by paramedics, and none of the injuries were considered severe.

Later that day, there was a similar incident with an Air India A321, with 172 people on board. During its flight, at approximately 19,000 ft the aircraft encountered severe air turbulence. This time around, however, there were no passenger injuries recorded and the one flight attendant who was hurt is making a quick recovery. The aircraft sustained minor damage causing a delay of about 4 hours on the return flight.

Photo by AeroNewsX/Chris de Breun.

Air Malta Airbus A320 Faces A Bird Strike

On September 21st, 2019, an Air Malta Airbus A320-200, flying from London Southend to Malta, was accelerating for takeoff when it encountered a bird strike on its left engine. The captain quickly decided to abort the takeoff. Due to the great response time, the aircraft slowed down safely and returned to the apron. After a quick maintenance check, the plane was back in action and safely took off for its destination, suffering a 5-hour delay.

British Airways Cabin Filled With Smoke

Later that week, on September 23rd, 2019, a British Airways Airbus A320-200, flying back to London Heathrow from Zurich, was approaching the final destination when the crew declared PAN PAN (an international standard urgency signal) reporting smoke in the cabin. The aircraft continued for a safe landing, while the emergency services were put on stand by positions parallel to the runway.

The plane was stopped on the taxiway for about an hour, while emergency services boarded the aircraft and examined the situation. A number of passengers and cabin crew required medical attention due to high smoke inhalation and, although it is still not clear why this happened, no one was hurt, and the passengers were cleared to use the British Airways lounge in the airport after the accident.

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