Incidents & Accidents Of The Week: 26/08 - 01/09

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

This week started fairly seriously. One of the pilots on a Boeing 757-200 felt sick and was not able to continue flying. The next day, another accident happened with a crew-member; a flight attendant was injured due to turbulence. On the same day, an Air China Airbus A330-300 caught fire. Luckily, no one was injured.

Pilot Feeling Unwell

Photo by AeroNewsX/Dario Duppenthaler.

On Monday (August 26), a pilot flying a Jet2 Boeing 757-200 felt sick and was no longer able to fly the aircraft. The aircraft took off at Manchester and was supposed to arrive in Funchal. One of the passengers, a qualified pilot, replaced the sick man and they managed to land the plane in Porto, 26 minutes after he felt sick. The pilot disembarked in a wheelchair and a replacement crew flew the aircraft to Funchal.

Injured Flight Attendant

On August 26th 2019, a flight attendant got injured due to heavy turbulence. Flight F9-461 opperated by Frontier Airlines had just begun its descent when the Airbus A320 encountered turbulence. The flight attendant was not seated, and therefore, thrown around the cabin. Her leg was broken, however there were no other injuries.

Airbus A330-300 On Fire

On the 27th of August, an Air China aircraft caught fire at Beijing Capital International Airport. The Airbus A330 was boarding when suddenly there was smoke evading from the cargo hold. There was no visible fire but all 147 passengers and 15 crew members disembarked and the emergency services extinguished the fire. The fire damaged the aircraft substantially and even burned though the crown. The aircraft, B-5958, has since been written off.

Join us next weekend for another Accidents & Incidents Of The Week! In the meantime, take a look at this week's Deliveries Of The Week!

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