Interjet and JetBlue: An interline agreement

Photo by Matt Lino | AeroNewsX.

Well aware of how important it is to cooperate in a globally competitive industry, Mexican carrier Interjet and American carrier JetBlue have acted upon the matter and joined forces by signing an interline agreement. This is expected to expand their capabilities in terms of destinations offered. Interjet´s CEO William Shaw stated how important the United States was during the last year and how it became the most prominent international market for the company. Numbers show that it represented a 26% growth for the company and an 8% increase in passenger influx.

Currently, Interjet flies to more than 40 routes within Mexico and 45 internationally. The international routes include Canada, Cuba, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru and the United States. It is important to point out that this airline surpasses both Volaris and VivaAerobus, both of which are low-cost carriers it competes with in the Mexican market. With the new agreement between JetBlue and Interjet, the latter can now offer up to 65 destinations within the United States and the Caribbean while JetBlue will remain present in the Mexican market by offering more than 40 destinations within the country.

The clear perks of the agreement revolve around allowing the passengers to access a handful of destinations with the ability to check bags through their ultimate destination as well as purchase a ticket for combined flight on both airlines.

Photo by Matt Lino | AeroNewsX.

Furthermore, Interjet not only partners with JetBlue, but also with highly recognized international airlines. In fact, last year the airlines signed a similar agreement with Emirates which enabled the carrier to offer competitive worldwide destinations operated by the Middle Eastern carrier. Given the fact that an agreement is a simple form of partnership, Interjet is not compromised with any airline group such as Star Alliance or Sky Team which as a result does not limit any its ability to join any other form of agreements in the future. JetBlue sums up to the list of commercial agreements signed by the airline which include carriers such as Iberia, Alitalia, LATAM, British Airways, Japan Airlines, Lufthansa, ANA and more. According to Interjet´s CCO this is one of the first steps towards obtaining a clear presence in the world.

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