Introducing The Mitsubishi Spacejet

Mitsubishi unveiled their brand new aircraft series, SpaceJet, right before the Paris Air Show. This plane is designed to compete with the Embraer E-Jet E2 series, and two variants will be produced: the M90 and M100.

During production, the plane was originally named the MRJ: The MRJ70 and MRJ90 were going to be produced, but the MRJ70 was scrapped and replaced with the M100; the M100 is, in fact, smaller than the M90.

This plane is designed to be perfect for the US carriers' regional affiliates, which are limited to a scope clause. This scope clause limits weight and number of passengers of regional aircraft flown; as a result, the regional carriers have started to look for new aircraft to replace their Embraer E175s. The E175-E2 is too heavy for the scope clause requirements, so Mitsubishi designed the M100 to fit perfectly, well within the limitations. The M90 is too heavy for the US market, but will likely see success in other countries, such as Japan.

The SpaceJet, like the Airbus A220, has been designed with passenger comfort in mind, and Mitsubishi boasts "the widest and tallest cabin in its class, the roomiest economy seat and the most overhead bin capacity."

It has a range that should make it viable for almost all of the routes that the E175/CRJ-900 currently fly, and it is more efficient than either of those aircraft.

Mitsubishi aims to take over the market of 70-76 seat aircraft by offering the SpaceJet at a lower price than an Embraer E175-E2. Since Embraer has been taken over by Boeing, it is not likely that the E175-E2 could be sold at enough discount to make it as affordable as the SpaceJet.

Mitsubishi has also recently acquired Bombardier's CRJ business so that they have support and connections across North America to sell the plane. Although the SpaceJet was having trouble at first, it has found a market where it can have success. The M90 is expected to go into service in mid 2020 with ANA Wings, and it is likely that the M100 will be flying for a US carrier soon.

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