Italian aviation gradually resuming operations

Italy is currently trying to revive its economy as it deals with significant numbers of COVID-19 cases and deaths. In doing so, the government will make sure it maintains social distancing practices. The two Rome airports, Fiumicino and Ciampino, are trying to restart operations. At the Leonardo Da Vinci airport (Rome - Fiumicino) terminal sanitization operations have been initiated.

A Boeing 737-800 belonging to Italy's Neos Air. Photo by Jero Vida | AeroNewsX

On May 5, Fiumicino Airport became the first airport in Europe to have activated a new health surveillance measure: the "Smart Helmet", a portable thermo-scanner in the shape of a helmet equipped with a flat-screen that, thanks to a virtual reality incorporated inside and high-resolution images, allows the operator wearing it to measure, up to a distance of 7 meters, the body temperature of people passing through the terminals.

If the device detects febrile symptoms above 37 °C or 37.5 °C, a medical check-up is required. At Ciampino, Rome's second airport, the flight activity of general aviation aircraft has resumed, including air taxis and private flights.

The management company "Aeroporti di Roma" has remodeled the spaces necessary to guarantee social distancing which is indicated through the introduction of new signs. For both airports, indications and information on the service monitors have been improved, and information totems and sanitizing gel dispensers have been added to serve travelers and airport employees.

At Marconi Airport in Bologna, in the last few days, the use of thermo-scanners for the automatic measurement of passenger temperature has also been introduced. The devices installed (8 between departures and arrivals) allow passengers to measure the temperature of passengers in transit, automatically and quickly, without slowing down their passage. The control is carried out by the volunteers of the Civil Protection Department and the staff of the Ministry of Health.

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