Last ANA A380 Rolls out of Paint Shop

Updated: Jan 26

The last All Nippon Airways A380 was rolled out of the paint shop in Hamburg, Germany on January 24, 2020. This will be the third A380 to be delivered to the carrier. The aircraft is painted in the ‘Sunset Orange’ Flying Honu livery and will be named as ‘KA LA’.

Photo by Dirk Grothe.

The first two A380s of ANA were delivered last year and were also painted in special liveries, a Blue and an Emerald Green named Lani and Kai respectively.

All Nippon ordered the A380s specifically to be operated on the Tokyo to Honolulu route, hence the special Hawaiian sea turtle liveries on all three of the jumbo jets. It is certainly a strategic move by ANA to attract more customers on this route. Along with special liveries, the cabins of these A380s are also Hawaiian themed.

Photo by Dirk Grothe.

Ka La will be the last A380 to be delivered to an airline other than Emirates. After this delivery, Emirates will take on the last 8 A380s in the order books to be delivered by 2021. Following the final delivery, Airbus plans to seize production of the mighty beast. Airbus has announced that it will convert the A380 production facility into a next-generation state of the art Airbus A321 assembly line to increase its overall production of the A321s, especially the Long-Range (LR) and Extra-Long –Range (XLR) versions of the aircraft.

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