Lufthansa to use A340s on European routes

Flying short haul on the usual A320 family aircraft can become boring. However, this summer there is the chance to fly Lufthansa's A340 on some intra-european flights. The German national carrier recently announced that it will operate some flights to and from Frankfurt with the A340-300 and A340-600 aircraft.

Why the widebody?

"Due to operational reasons Lufthansa will operate between July and October a long haul aircraft on a few flights within continental Europe," states Lufthansa's press office. It seems like LH is expecting some heavy passenger loads on these routes during the summer period.

Where will they fly?

· Between Frankfurt and Vienna, an Airbus A340-600 will operate LH1232 and LH1233 on Mondays and Tuesdays.

· Frankfurt to Lisbon will be served by an A340-300. The aircraft will operate LH1168 and LH1169 every Monday and Tuesday.

· From Frankfurt to Dublin, an A340-300 will operate LH978 and LH979 on Wednesdays.

When will they fly?

All A340 flights start in the first week of July and end with the start of the winter timetable.

Passenger experience

Lufthansa is only selling the flights with two cabins, Economy and Business. However, all LH long haul aircrafts have at least three cabins, some even have four. Economy passengers will be able to select a seat in the premium economy cabin for no additional charge. The same applies to Business Class passengers flying on Airbus A340-600, who can also reserve seats in First Class with their tickets. In fact, the only downside is that only the hard product will change. The soft product will remain as it is on the A320 family.

Photo: AeroNewsX/Daniel Klaffke

This is a chance for those unable to fly long haul to experience an amazing hard product. Flying long haul aircraft on a short haul flights is something very exciting for aviation geeks. I could not resist booking an A340 flight from my home airport Vienna and I’m looking forward to trying LH’s premium economy for the very first time!

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