PrivateFly and SkyJet Complete Merger

Business Aviation forms a major part within the aviation industry and enables many to fly solo, or in small groups in absolute style. PrivateFly is a website which allows users to find aircraft to use on short notice if needed.

Their website states, “PrivateFly is a leading global booking service for private charter flights and part of Directional Aviation's OneSky group of companies. Since we revolutionised private jet charter booking when we launched in 2008, PrivateFly has always believed in going above and beyond in everything we do.”

The company is massive and is still growing – in fact, PrivateFly and SkyJet have just completed their merger, as reported by FlightGlobal on April 10. Both companies are Directional Aviation's OneSky subsidiaries and to simplify and grow both of the firm’s operations, they were merged into one.

Photo credit: AeroNewsX/Dario Duppenthaler

"This is a very exciting year, as we ramp up our global presence and our offering," said Adam Twidell, the co-founder of PrivateFly.

He continued, "We're increasing investment in our thriving digital platform; our buying power is strengthened even further under OneSky, as well as our emphasis on safety and service.”

Photo credit: AeroNewsX/Roope Nikkinen

In 2019, the company, according to Twidell, is anticipating revenue to total over $100 million as a result of ‘significant growth’ over the past couple of years within Europe and the USA.

PrivateFly is a global private jet charter broker company based in the United Kingdom. Its operations have expanded over the years since it began at the beginning of this century and is now leading the way in its market.

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