Qantas Finds Plane Capable Of Flying Sydney To London!

A major updated has been announced regarding Qantas' plans to launch direct flights between Sydney and Melbourne to London, according to a report by Sky News.

Photo: AeroNewsX/Anwar Hasanin

After launching the first direct flights between Perth and London (the first between Australia and the UK), Qantas', or perhaps mainly CEO Alan Joyce's goal has been to inaugurate services from Sydney and Melbourne to the British capital.

Despite originally being planned for 2022, the report by Sky News detailed that the first flight could depart by as early as the end of this year.

This comes as Qantas, in co-operation with manufacturers, has finally found an aircraft which can fly the route directly with the capacity and technology the carrier needs.

Joyce revealed: "We now believe there's an aircraft capable of doing that."

Alan Joyce had challenged manufacturer's to come up with a plane that could fly the route which is over 10,500 miles long which is estimated to take about 21 hours in a plane.

The CEO said that flights from either Sydney or Melbourne to London could be within reach for the end of this year.

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