SAS Operates Final Boeing 737-600 Flight

Scandinavian Airlines, commonly abbreviated as SAS, has operated its final Boeing 737-600 flight, marking the end of an era. The aircraft took off for the last time in commercial service at 13:49 on November 30.

LN-RPG pictured at 13:48, one minute prior to its final ever takeoff in commercial service. Photo by AeroNewsX/Adam Lanzen.

LN-RPG, the last Boeing 737-600 in the SAS fleet, flew from Stockholm to Oslo today, performing a flyby in Copenhagen and drawing a '600' in the sky prior to landing. The final 737-600 flight operated as SK600.

Scandinavian Airlines took delivery of its first Boeing 737-600 back in October 1988 and put them to work on services across Europe. During their final few months, the 737-600 network was limited as SAS placed the aircraft on regional services across Scandinavia.

LN-RRO pictured during takeoff from Stockholm earlier this year prior to its retirement. Photo by AeroNewsX/Adam Lanzen.

A month ago, AeroNewsX took to the skies in Sweden, on board LN-RPG. While fairly small, the aircraft is full of history and it's interesting to compare modern day single-aisle aircraft to the 737-600.

SAS is, or was, one of only a few Boeing 737-600 operators worldwide. Following the retirement of LN-RPG, there will be 31 in service (including stored aircraft). This includes 13 with Westjet, 7 with Tunisair (one stored), 6 with Janet and 5 with Air Algerie, per

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