Singapore Airlines A380 Lands With Bloodstains On Nose

A Singapore Airlines flight from Singapore to Paris was performing an approach into Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport when it came in contact with a flock of birds. The service, bearing the flight number SQ336, was operated by an Airbus A380-800.

Photos of the blood-stained aircraft were posted on Facebook. The photos showed the wings and nose of the plane smeared with several patches of blood. Other images also showed the carcasses of the birds wedged between the landing gears.

A Singapore Airline's Airbus A380 nose stained with Blood. Photo by Liew on Facebook

A Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 wing smeared with blood. Photo by Liew on Facebook

A Singapore Airlines spokesperson said "Following inspections on the ground and cleaning, the aircraft was declared serviceable and it operated the return flight SQ335 to Singapore."

Carcass of the bird wedged in the landing compartment. Photo by Liew on Facebook

Photo of a carcass wedged in the landing gear door. Photo by Liew on Facebook.

4 years ago, another Singapore Airlines flight also encountered a bird strike when it departed from Istanbul. The damage was so severe that the flight was forced to turn back to Istanbul. Pictures showed that the nose of the aircraft was severely damaged and the engine caps were dented. A relief flight was sent to bring the stranded passengers back to Singapore.

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