Singapore Airlines To Fit Entire Fleet With Lie-Flat Seats From 2020 Onwards

Singapore Airlines has planned to roll out lie-flat beds across its entire fleet. This doesn't only apply to longer and overnight flights, but also on short-haul flights, for instance, the Singapore - Kuala Lumpur flights which take approximately an hour long.

Photo: AeroNewsX/Paul Schmid

Singapore Airlines decided to roll out all-flatbed in their entire fleet as to provide consistency in business class, wherever their passengers are heading. The lie-flat business class seats will also be available on their future narrow body jetliners (following the Singapore Airlines and SilkAir merger).

The airline has scheduled to roll out the first lie-flat bed aboard a SilkAir Boeing 737 Aircraft in 2020 but the grounding of the Boeing 737 Max could potentially delay the Airline's plan to roll out its flatbed fleet.

Ever since Singapore Airlines introduced the Airbus A350 with flatbed seats from Brisbane and Adelaide to Singapore, Perth is the next Australian city to be operated by Singapore Airlines Airbus A350. 2 daily flights from Singapore to Perth, SQ226 and SQ213 will be switching from an older Boeing 777-200 to a brand new Airbus A350 from 3 June 2019. Singapore Airlines made the equipment change as to move towards its goal of having lie-flat beds on every flight - no matter long or short haul flights.

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