Slide deployed on SWISS A220-100 in Athens

A SWISS Airbus A220-100’s evacuation slide was deployed (by mistake) in Athens. The aircraft, registered HB-JBA, had flown in from Zurich.

SWISS Airbus A220-100 registered HB-JBA mistakenly had its slide deployed in Athens. Photo by unknown.

The incident occurred on 19 April before departure to Zurich from Athens. The aircraft had landed in Athens at 12:46 local.

The incident, which occurred shortly before departure, resulted in a significant delay on the inbound flight to Zurich. The aircraft was originally scheduled to depart Athens at 13:30, but actually left at 17:03.

The plane has since returned to service, having operated to Porto earlier today.

When asked by AeroNewsX, a SWISS spokesperson responded: "I can confirm that on Sunday, 19 April, a slide was mistakenly deployed before departure at Athens airport. The aircraft has returned to service today with a flight from Zurich to Porto."

Lufthansa Group last week announced that it would continue to fly its reduced schedule until 17 May. SWISS will continue to operate a number of services, flying under its reduced timetable until 17 May. This includes services to a 'select number of European routes from Zurich and Geneva' as well as three weekly long-haul connections between Zurich and Newark.

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