Starlux Airlines Unveils New Crew Uniform And Cabin Design

Taiwanese start up, Starlux Airlines, unveiled their new uniform and cabin designs, along with a unique fragrance formulated exclusively for the airline at a press event earlier this week. Starlux organized an event named "JX Style" to officially announce their new cabin designs, features and crew uniforms to the public.

Aircraft Cabin

Starlux revealed their seating on their Airbus A321neos at their press event. Starlux's Airbus A321s will have 2 classes, comprising Economy and Business Class. The seats were specially designed by BMW Designworks.

Photo by Starlux Airlines.

The Economy Class seats are in a 3-3 configuration whilst the Business Class seats are in a 2-2 configuration.

Economy Class

The Starlux Economy class seating has natural colours and tones to represent the earth as seen from a high altitude and emphasize the airline's commitment to nature. The Economy Class seats will feature an ultra-thin seat back pocket to increase legroom and comfort for passengers. Every seat has its own high-quality leather headrest, allowing passengers to sleep without having to bring their own neck pillows. All Economy Class seats will have one USB port, allowing passengers to charge their phone whenever they need. Besides passenger comfort, Starlux Airlines will provide each passenger with their own inflight entertainment screen. Each Economy Class seat has its own 10.1-inch 720p screen with earphone pods to allow passengers to plug in their own headphones/earphones. Economy class passengers get to enjoy free Wi-Fi (with basic access).

Business Class

The Starlux Business Class is designed to be elegant, featuring dark colours, giving passengers a more tranquil experience. Moreover, dark and elegant colours give the cabin a modern vibe.

Photo by Starlux Airlines.

Starlux Business Class seats come with a privacy divider which is painted dark grey and rose gold with silver edges giving a hi-tech touch. Each Business Class passenger will have their own 15.6-inch 1080p inflight entertainment system screen. Like the Economy Class seat, the Business Class seat will feature a leather headrest for passengers to rest comfortably, USB ports and earphone pods.

One additional feature that the Starlux Business Class seat will feature is an 82-inch fully flatbed. It is uncommon for airlines to feature a full flatbed on a narrow-body jetliner, making Starlux standout in terms of passenger comfort. The seat control panels are ergonomically designed and placed beside the headrest so that passengers can reach the button easily.

Business Class passengers will enjoy free and unlimited Wi-Fi access.

Crew/Staff Uniform

The Starlux crew uniform has been specially designed by Taiwanese fashion design, Sean Yin.

Yin said: "For me, Starlux is a luxury brand -- not just another airline. I wanted to combine a classical airline look with modern touches to create chic but practical fashions, unlike anything that has been seen before."

The cabin crew uniforms combine fashion elements from the 40s and 50s with space-age accents, featuring gold and silver tones to evoke elegance and modernity, the airline says.

Photo by Starlux Airlines.

Airport agents and ground crew will work in more comfortable standing-collar shirts. Their uniforms are made with breathable mesh fabrics. Employees are also given the flexibility to choose what they want to wear. For instance, an airport agent can choose between pants and skirts or between a suit vest and a suit jacket.


To make Starlux flights more memorable for passengers, the airline recruited a local perfume manufacturer P.SEVEN to help produce an exclusive refreshing fragrance for the airline which they call, "Home in the Air".

P.SEVEN said: "Smells can be an indelible part of our memories. A certain aroma can remind you of a specific place and time. I tried to develop a fragrance that could evoke the pleasant feeling of flying with Starlux."

The aromatic scent evoking the tranquility of home, various woods and quality leather have all been combined to create a feeling of warmth, while the aromas of iris and violets create a calm and soothing cabin environment.

The airline will not only use the fragrance within the aircraft cabin but also at ticketing counters and lounges. The scent will also be featured in lotions and hand wash dispensed in Economy Class and hot towels used to welcome Business Class passengers, hoping to make passengers feel at home the moment they check-in for their flight.

Photo by Starlux Airlines.

Starlux Airlines will be taking delivery of their first Airbus A321neo on the 25 October 2019 at Airbus's Hamburg Delivery Centre. Starlux's first Airbus A321neo, bearing the registration B-58201 will arrive in Taiwan on the 28 October, 2019. The airline is expecting to take delivery of all 10 Airbus A321neos that they ordered by the end of 2020.

Photo by Starlux Airlines.

The airline will commence service on the 23 January 2020, flying to Macau, Da Nang and Kuala Lumpur on the first day of operations. The airline will begin selling tickets in December 2019 through Starlux's new website and mobile application.

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