TAI: The new Alitalia

The new Italian flag carrier, or better "the sequel" of it, will be called Alitalia TAI, the acronym for Trasporto Aereo Italiano. After 3 years of special administration, and following the Decree-Law 18/2020 ("Decreto Cura Italia") which provides for Alitalia's nationalization, and the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance's acquisition of 100% of the shares, the new public company will have a budget of 3 billion Euro and a fleet of over 100 aircraft.

On 29 June 2020, the new management was appointed, ending the entity's receivership. Fabio Lazzerini is the new CEO while Francesco Caio is the new Chairman. "We are in a hurry to relaunch the national carrier," stated Italian Premier Giuseppe Conte on Facebook, while the Italian Minister of Transport Paola De Micheli stated that "A new era is beginning."

An Alitalia A330 landing at Heathrow Airport. Photo by Anselm Ranta | AeroNewsX

The EU Commission and State Capital

Alitalia TAI from now on will be concentrated on the industrial plan, which will have to be submitted to the European Union Commission which is responsible for the final launch of the whole project. Since Alitalia, unlike other carriers, was already in crisis before the COVID-19 pandemic, the key element to assess is the "discontinuity" required by the EU Commission. In other words, state capital will be allowed only if the new company is not an extension of the previous one. An obstacle could be the appointment of Fabio Lazzerini, who has been the top manager of Alitalia-SAI, the old Alitalia.

National Routes

However, these are not the only novelties launched on the market by the revived airline. Alitalia TAI will have 7 new weekly routes:

  1. Rome - Brindisi

  2. Rome - Reggio Calabria

  3. Rome - Florence

  4. Milan - Reggio Calabria

  5. Milan - Lamezia Terme

  6. Milan - Naples

  7. Milan - Brindisi

Additionally, 2 connections per week will be provided between Rome and Lampedusa and Rome to Pantelleria. Only one connection per week will be facilitated between Milan, Lampedusa, and Pantelleria.

An Alitalia A330 taking off from John F. Kennedy International Airport. Photo by Andrew Pries | AeroNewsX

International Routes

There will be new flights added to Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. There will be seven weekly flights from:

  1. Rome - Athens

  2. Milan - London

  3. Milan - Paris

  4. Milan - Amsterdam

6 flights per week will take place between Milan and Brussels.

There will be 5 connections per week on the following routes:

  1. Rome - Amsterdam

  2. Rome - Tel Aviv

  3. Rome - Tunis.

The routes Rome - Nice, Rome-Boston, Rome - Malta and Rome - Tirana will have 3 connections per week.

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