Trip Report: LIS-BOS, Delta 757-200, Economy Class

On June 3rd I took a trip from Lisbon, Portugal to Boston, MA on Delta Airlines’ 757-200. I took the return trip on the 7th, and before I start with the trip report, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the service Delta provided on the first trip and was disappointed on the trip back, however this is only my opinion.

Photo: AeroNewsX/Paul Schmid

The flight there departed Lisbon 9:25 and took approximately 8 hours. Due to the weird schedule of the flight, we were served a light lunch type of meal after takeoff, and a light snack before landing. I really enjoyed the food and the seat. Even thought it was a Basic Economy seat, it was much more comfortable than I previously expected: it had great recline, an adjustable headrest and both a USB port and a universal power plug.

The crew was extremely nice to us, handed out hot towels before the meal alongside an eye mask, headphones and ear plugs. In addition to this, we were given a small pillow and light blanket. The entertainment system was very responsive, and the screen was decently sized for Economy class, however, the flight tracker was quite poor, and it seemed like the plane and route were MS Painted on it. The plane was also Wi-Fi enabled, and the options were very well priced, including a free messaging option for those who had an app installed.

All in all, this first flight was incredible for Basic Economy, specially when compared to United’s service that I had experienced the previous year. However, this charm did not transfer over to the return flight.

Photos by author

This flight departed Boston at 20:15 and even before we boarded, the service had already been downgraded since the gate officer announced that they would not be serving a hot meal on board. Instead they would have a choice of salads, taking into consideration that we had been told dinner was served on board, and this was a 7 hour flight. A lot of people were upset over this announcement.

Once we boarded, we were welcomed by the crew and given the same amenities as before, minus the hot towel. After takeoff, the crew went around and gave us our meals, this time we were not handed menus, but we were given the choice between a noodle salad and a chicken salad, I had the latter which was ok in what regards a cold chicken salad. For some reason the Wi-Fi was not working on this return flight, so I wasn’t able to communicate with the outside world.

This last flight was also completely full, and it was a night flight, so I wasn’t able to take any photos of the seat or amenities.

Photo by author

Taking all of this into consideration, I was pleasantly surprised at the service on my first flight, but was a bit disappointed that the service wasn’t continued on the return flight. However, for the fare I paid, it was a considerably good service, especially when compared to United’s services out of Lisbon, which I experienced last year.

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