Trip Report - Lufthansa A321-200 (LIS-FRA)

On the 28th of August 2019, I took a trip between Lisbon and Frankfurt with Lufthansa in Economy Class. My journey began at 4 am, with an almost empty airport, which meant I was quick to pass through security and, to add to this, boarding started 5 minutes earlier.

Due to Lufthansa not having any gate slots at Lisbon Airport, we were shuffled up into a few buses and transported all the way across the airport to our stand, which was located near the then idle Embraer jets from TAP Express. Although the crew showed themselves to be incredibly friendly, we ended up spending a good 50 minutes seating on the apron awaiting departure.

The Aircraft & Cabin Product

The flight was being operated on an Airbus A321-200, which was only a few years old and in pristine conditions. The seating space in economy was surprisingly good, with enough legroom and seat width to fit a 6’ guy like me.

Although there was no entertainment, nor anything awaiting us at our seats, pillows, and blankets were available upon request and proved to be surprisingly comfortable, especially considering the early morning schedule of the flight.

The seats also didn’t feature any kind of power station or USB port, which is a shame, but quite a common thing for intra-European flights. However, the aircraft did feature individual reading lights, air vents, and even a coat hanger. Wi-Fi was also available for purchase, which surprised me due to the short route and the ever-growing no-thrill service presented by airlines in these flights in Europe.

I was also surprised by the noise produced by the engine, having flown all my life on the A320 family, I’ve never heard anything like it and even now while I’m seating on a Boeing 747, the noise is still smaller.


Due to how short the flight was, we were only served one meal, a hot breakfast of scrambled eggs, and although I didn’t have them, they looked great for an in-flight meal. The eggs were accompanied by bread with jam or salt less butter a Kit-Kat and a beverage of choice.

One weird thing is that the bread seemed refrigerated, and was pretty cold and hard, my neighbor came in with a helpful tip, place the bread on top of the hot eggs wrapper and let it heat up.

We were also served another drink of choice closer to our arrival at Frankfurt, I took a cup of coffee which was very watered down.

Arrival and Conclusion

I attempted to sleep during the flight, at no use, we quickly began our descent about 10 minutes before scheduled, landing at the furthest runway in Frankfurt Airport. This lead to a rather long taxiing through the airport, which was a great excuse to catch a sight of the giants operated by Lufthansa.

Soon enough we reached a gate position, which to my disbelief, meant we had to de-board via BUS, having a gate right beside us, and already taking up the space there, we nonetheless de-boarded the aircraft via the middle and back doors and were shuttled back into Terminal 1.

Despite the messy situation with Boarding and De-Boarding, I quite enjoyed my flight, it was peaceful and the crew was amazing, for a short flight in Europe I was surprised by the room I had in Economy, and transferring at Frankfurt ended up being a quick and easy ordeal.

Final Rating

Equipment: 5/5 In-Cabin Product: 4/5

Crew: 5/5

Meals: 3/5 Total: 4.25/5

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