Vistara unveils 787-9 cabin

Updated: Mar 12

Vistara, India’s only five star airline, recently took delivery of its first 787-9, having unveiled the aircraft’s cabin earlier today. Vistara’s newest member to the fleet is absolutely beautiful, both on the outside and on the inside.

Vistara's first Boeing 787-9 registered VT-TSD. Photo by Huy Do │ AeroNewsX

On 27 February, Vistara held a press briefing for its first Boeing 787-9. The aircraft, registered VT-TSD, was present at the event as celebrations began for its delivery. The plane was then handed over to Vistara who flew the aircraft on 28 February from the US to Delhi, India. The aircraft arrived at 14:56 local time in Delhi on 29 February.

Vistara’s new aircraft is in fact India’s first Boeing 787-9. The only other Dreamliner operator, Air India, has a fleet of 27 Boeing 787-8s.

Vistara’s new aircraft features an Economy a Class cabin, a Premium Economy cabin and a world-class Business Class seat.

The carrier’s Economy Class is in a standard 3-3-3 configuration, featuring 31 inches of seat pitch, a 12 inch personal entertainment screen, a six-way headrest and USB ports. All in all, a seemingly average Economy Class.

Vistara's Economy Class onboard their new Boeing 787. Photo by Vistara.
“When we top it up with Vistara’s award winning service, what you have is the finest experience that now goes beyond. Come, experience the new feeling of flying with Vistara,” the airline says in its press release.

The carrier’s new premium economy is the only of its kind in India; no other Indian carrier has this class, making this aircraft a special one indeed for the Indian aviation industry. The Premium Economy features 37 inches in seat pitch, a 13 inch personal entertainment screen, calf and footrests as well as USB and AC power outlets. Vistara has done a great job in introducing Premium Economy to India and it’ll be interesting to see how successful the class will be.

Vistara's Premium Economy on the Boeing 787-9. Photo by Vistara.

Featuring sleek colours and exceptional design, Vistara’s new Business Class is dazzling. Your Business Class ticket with Vistara’s 787 includes not only a seat equipped with a full flatbed but also has a privacy-focused design. This is in addition to 44 inches of seat pitch, a personal storage compartment, AC and USB ports (similar to the Premium Economy) and a large 18 inch personal entertainment screen which can be operated by a video handset.

Vistara's beautiful new Business Class on the Boeing 787. Photo by Vistara.
“All 3 cabin classes in the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner™ are equipped with human centric lighting that helps you to relax and reduce jet lag. The dimmable windows in the aircraft ensure you have a comfortable journey,” the carrier says.

Vistara’s 787-9 is beautiful and it’ll be exciting to see how the carrier’s network evolves with the new capacity and possibilities. Worth noting is that Vistara will also become the first Indian airline to offer inflight WiFi, equipped on the carrier’s new 787.

As mentioned, Air India has 27 Boeing 787-8 aircraft in service. The aircraft’s economy class is outdated, service is poor and ratings for the overall product continue to dwindle. The carrier’s financial situation is poor, however in the hands of a new, private owner, this could all soon change.

Vistara's Business Class cabin is in a 1-2-1 layout. Photo by Vistara.

Vistara’s 787-9 is turning heads around the world. The airline’s unique purple livery and stunning interior have set new standards for the Indian aviation industry.


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