Wizz Air Ready For Further Growth In The UK Despite Brexit

While other airlines remain doubtful of their growth following its exit from the European Union (EU), Wizz Air says it is confident that the United Kingdom will remain a core player to its success.

The CEO of Wizz Air, Jozsef Varadi, said that the low cost carrier aims to tackle all the challenges involved with operating to the United Kingdom while keeping costs down.

“We remain very bullish, and very committed to the UK market. Even if I look at the current performance, it is pretty solid,” Varadi said in an interview with Reuters.

Wizz Air's success mainly comes from the Eastern Europe market. Photo: AeroNewsX/Dario Duppenthaler

The CEO added that ever since the Brexit vote took place back in 2016, Wizz Air has grown by about 30% in London alone. Varadi was doubtful that there would be a ‘disastrous scenario on aviation’ when Britain officially leaves the EU.

One thing Wizz Air is currently working on, however, is securing its rights to fly freely within the European Union. Any airline that is 50% owned or more by EU nationals have access to these rights. However, once Britain leaves the EU officially, many airlines will lose this freedom.

To prevent the termination of operations between the EU and Britain, the airline has set up a UK-based subsidiary named Wizz Air UK. The subsidiary has a fleet of just over 7 aircraft comprising both the Airbus A320 and Airbus A321. It was founded in September of 2017.

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