The AeroNewsX Team

Dillon Shah

Dillon is AeroNewsX's Owner & Editor-in-Chief and has been a part of AeroNewsX ever since it was formed back in April of 2018. He is extremely passionate about aviation and loves to travel.

Michael Maina

Michael is an aviation enthusiast hailing from Nairobi, Kenya He is the Web Content Manager at AeroNewsX, where his aim is to have more of the world know about African aviation.

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Christopher Stewart

Vincenzo Claudio Piscopo


Alitalia must submit a business plan or face liquidation


Christopher Stewart is a Senior Editor at AeroNewsX. Since having joined AeroNewsX in summer of 2019, his passion for writing has never been stronger.

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Vincenzo Claudio Piscopo joined AeroNewsX in April 2019. Thanks to his great passion for both military and civil aviation, he graduated in aeronautical engineering with a thesis on the human factor and right now he is specializing in Aviation Regulations and flight safety. He is currently studying Aerospace Engineering at the University of Palermo, Italy.

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Wouter Spruit

Wouter Spruit was born and raised in Holland. Years ago, he and his parents flew to to Greece, and flying made him feel euphoric ever since. He hopes this enthusiasm for all things aviation will lead him to launch a career in aviation as a pilot at KLM. He lives by the quote: ''Flying is not a job, it is a lifestyle."

Humberto Reynoso

Humberto Reynoso is a 20 years old student from Mexico who is currently majoring in Aeronautical Engineering. Besides airplanes, he is also very passionate about Mathematics, a subject which he has taken into practice under the lead of insitutions such as Harvard University and The University of Pennsylvania. Humberto currently holds a Private Pilot´s Licence and he enjoys flying with friends and family from time to time.

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Kai Murtagh

Kai is an aviation enthusiast from Ireland. He has always had an interest in aircraft and attended his first airshow in 2014. He enjoys working towards his PPL and is an avid planespotter.

Javier Beltran de Guevara

Javier was born in the Basque Country in the North of Spain. His passion for aviation grew as his parents got him used to life at airports:, where he remembers staring up with astonishment at how big metal machines magically took to the skies. Although his dream is to one day become a pilot, his background in Business Management has led him to view the industry from a financial perspective while working at a fast-growing Spanish airline.

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Cornelius Kwok

Cornelius Kwok is currently studying Aeronautical Engineering at Singapore Polytechnic. He is passionate about the aviation industry and is aspiring to become an aeronautical engineer or pilot.

Tom Jordan

Tom Jordan is a commercial pilot student from Queensland, Australia. He currently works as a ramp agent for a major airline and is passionate about the writing, travel reviews and the airline industry.

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Naga Maheeth

Naga Maheeth is currently a student based in Singapore with a very keen interest in aviation. He is a planespotter and regularly uploads his shots onto his social media page and contributes to various online databases.

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Leonardo D'Antonio

Leonardo D’Antonio is a student living in Basel, Switzerland. Leonardo is passionate about travelling, and therefore he is very interested in aviation and related topics. He would love to study mathematics or engineering, to then pursue a career in aviation. In his free time, Leonardo loves to travel and take part in the European Youth Parliament.

Uday Chhabra

Uday Chhabra is a student and an avid Aviation Enthusiast from New Delhi, India. Apart from writing articles at AeroNewsX he is also a plane spotter at Delhi Airport. Uday's passion for aviation led him to join AeroNewsX to collaborate with like minded aviation enthusiasts.

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Joseph Scavella Jr

Joseph Scavella Jr is from Nassau, The Bahamas, where he works as a freelance videographer and co-associate. In his freetime when not writing for AeroNewsX, he is an avid planespotter. He also attended the College of The Bahamas where he studied Music Education.

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Lorcán O'Colmáin Murray

Lorcán who is based in Ireland, has a strong interest in the aviation industry. He is passionate about topics such as airports, airlines and aircraft leasing, specialising in the European market. In addition to writing articles for AeroNewsX, he loves travelling, having flown to many countries from a young age.

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Dilpeche Ramgi

Dilpeche Ramgi is based in London, England, where he grew up. His interest in aviation grew thanks to his proximity to Heathrow airport and its associated constant flow of dynamic traffic. He followed this interest and has now worked in the industry for over five years

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Sergi Pont

Sergi Pont is an aviation enthusiast from Barcelona, Spain. He often covers news from the Spanish aviation industry

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Brendan Petry

Brendan Petry is one of AeroNewsX’s North American writers, located closest to the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). Currently a trainee pilot at his University, he hopes to become a commercial airline pilot while still maintaining his passion for airline writing and reporting for AeroNewsX. When not surrounded by aviation, he enjoys backpacking, hiking, rock climbing, mountaineering, and playing hockey.

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